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Spring Cleaning Made Easy

The sun is out and the rain is gone, it’s time to get started on your Spring cleaning. Think beyond basic maintenance work, checking the health of structures such as your roof or gutters is just as important and may benefit the soundness of your home in the long run. Enjoy the nice weather with local hikes, but it is vital to set aside time to get at least a few things crossed off this checklist.

Gutters and Downspouts

These little guys are simple to clean. Pull out any leaves or sticks that have built up and run a hose along the edge of the roof and watch to see if they are draining properly. If you can a leak use caulk to seal it. Double check that none of the gutters have pulled away from the house.


Using a pressure washer, spray off any moss or dirt that may have accumulated. This also helps to stop future mold growth. If you have wood siding check for any damage or peeling paint that may be exposing the siding underneath. If you see wood, sand the area down and apply a primer coat before repainting. If you see any issues with your James Hardie siding give us a call right away.


Check seal around the exterior of your windows. Gaps allow for moisture to seep through and could lead to mold growing inside your walls. If the sills have any noticable water damage a gap could have already formed. Check the window screens for any holes as well, you don’t want unwelcome guests.


Weeds have sprouted and trees are needing to be trimmed. This one is a natural spring cleaning chore. Cut back and trim undesired vegetation growth. Overgrown limbs can cut into your siding and cause damage by scraping off paint. A little bit of maintenance can save you a lot of future hassle.

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