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Roofing is the most basic thing a house or a building must have and it should be strong and perfect whether it is about the quality or the installation, it needs proper planning and selection. Alpine Siding company offers the most elegant and sophisticated roofing shingles that are energy-saving, power saving, durable and protective. A complete finish for your house with historical or contemporary shingles and best services in town. You can call and ask about the variety and quality of the roofing shingles and our experts will guide you according to your choice, price and house type.

Types of roofing

Composition of sand, cement and cellulose fibers, glass fiber or metal, we have many options to offer you to choose the best for you to meet your requirements and needs. Roofing in shingle, metal and TPO roofing are our top picks.


Our roofing shingles not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. By partnering with many famous top industry leading companies we give you the best of roofing options with long term durability and beauty.

GAF Timberline architectural shingles

These are one of our top rated and best selling roofing shingles in WA. It is a cost-effective and affordable roofing option and stands best in durability. Many options in colors are given and you can get any design, aesthetic and modern or historic one. Fiberglass architectural shingles mimic wood and coe with a limited time warranty of maximum 25 years. Algae-resistant Technology and Layerlock Technology is combined in these shingles for a better visual appearance.


These shingles are wrapped up for better weather resistance. It comes in four options and the most affordable and luxurious option in Crowne slate shingle.

Owens Corning

These shingles work best in sustainability and eco-friendliness and come in many options. The best option so far is its three-tab Supreme shingle collection with copper-lined granules for better algae and strong wind protection. 11 color options are available in this type and warranty of limited time is given for 25 years.

Metal roofing

An unmatched, unparalleled and durable option in roofing. Metal roofing sets best in long term durability and gives more protection in any weather or climate condition. It is also durable in high temperatures and needs very low maintenance.

Presidential 50 years roofing material

For Washington’s challenging climate and weather we offer you the best in durability and endurance in the long term and that is our presidential 50 years roofing material. It gives you peace of mind with a warranty of 50 years.

Protection from climate changes

By keeping an eye on the climate and weather changes in Washington our roofing materials are much more competent than the materials by other contractors. The material is eco-friendly and energy efficient. Our top-rated roofing products are protective against Heavy rain, hail, baking sun, Uv radiation. Hurricanes, storms and are also flame retardant when they get direct contact with fire or get overheated. 

Protection from pests

Roofing shingle gives protection from termite, woodpeckers, pests and insects. It prevents them from getting inside your house and makes your house the most comfortable and secured place to live and saves your time and money too.

Installation, repair and reside

We deal in all the services whether you have to install your roofing or want it to get repaired, our experts deal best in these services. We have a well trained workforce of professionals and experts who also know how to replace your old roofing by keeping in mind all the flaws and mistakes that your old contractor made.

Budget friendly

Looking for roofing for your house within your budget that also makes your house insurance premium more easy for you? We have roofing for all budgets and requirements. Our IKO slate shingle roof is the best in affordability and needs very low maintenance.


Our authentic online reviews by our satisfied customers say it all. You can go and check now on our official website.


Alpine roofing contractor is famous for its niche roofing expertise in commercial and residential roofing, roofing replacement, roofing installation and repairing. 


Warranty offered by Alpine for roofing material is around 25 years and is a limited warranty as quality is not compromised here in any case. 

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